UPDATE: Residents in the Orchard Knob neighborhood said they heard several shots fired overnight.

Police said a man, Tirrell Shropshire, 35, was shot and killed just before 2:30 a.m. Wednesday.

Next door neighbors including, Brittney Harris saw it all unfold.

"I peeked out the window and all you see is a car speeds off real quick and then you hear people running through the yard, I don't have time for, I really don't,” Harris said.

When police arrived, they say they found Shropshire lying on the sidewalk with a gunshot wound to the head.      

Investigators spent several hours Wednesday morning gathering evidence and interviewing witnesses.

A family of six woke up to the commotion, now Quientin Howard’s kids are afraid to leave their own home.

“You never know when it's going to pop off, like I said a bullet doesn't have no eyes and god forbid something happened to one of my kids behind it,” Howard said.

Police say that Tirrell Shropshire is a validated gang member.

Howard said it's senseless violence that wasn't a problem when he grew up in the area.

"I didn't have to worry about an Iraqi war zone out here where every time you turn around there is bullets flying over your head or kids being killed or women getting killed it's just unheard of,” he explained.

Howard said this may be the final straw for him and his family and he plans to find a new place to live if things don't change.

"It’s no point in it, everyone should just get a job and take care of business. At the end of the day, half the reasons why it's going on is pointless, probably something that could have been handled with a fistfight or a conversation,” Howard said.

Investigators ask you that if you have any information regarding this shooting to give police a call. 

PREVIOUS STORY: Channel 3 has confirmed one person was fatally shot in an early morning shooting on Rawlings Street.

Police have Rawlings Street closed while detectives gather evidence and investigate what happened.

For the latest details follow Tim Pham on twitter and we will continue to update you on air and online as details become available.

PREVIOUS STORY: Just before 2:30 AM on Wednesday morning the call came in that a person had been shot on the 1900 block of Rawlings Street.   

The Chattanooga Police Department is currently on scene. There is no word yet  if anyone has been arrested.

Channel 3 currently has a crew on scene and will bring you details as they become available.