Hannah Hoffman is a 20-year-old college student who just happens to be a YouTube celebrity.

The Tennessee girl started a blog on Tumblr then, as she said, “got bored”.

“I was like 'you know, I should start doing something else' and YouTube is the best place to do just whatever,” Hoffman said.

She set up a webcam and a graphics editing program on her computer and started making videos of herself talking, laughing and drawing.

For a long time she performed weekly for about 40 subscribers but then something happened: more people discovered her YouTube channel. Then more and more and more.

Today over 209,000 people subscribe to her channel.

“For me, I feel silly a lot of the time too, and I'm like 'am I really doing this?’," she giggle. “And you know if it's something people want to see, it doesn't matter if you're being stupid. It’s something people want to see.”

On her videos Hoffman draws cartoons of animals, her fans who send her their pictures as well as cartoons of other YouTube and pop celebrities. She seems to be as surprised as anyone that her channel has gained such a huge following.

Some of her videos have been viewed over 500,000 times.

“The more I get into it the more I think the bubble's just going to burst and it's going to be all over. And that's why I'm still in school obviously.”

Hoffman is a computer science major and at one time she aspired to be a software programmer. When her YouTube channel hit big she began to reconsider.

Now she plans to do YouTube full time. After she graduates with a degree.

“That's a real struggle to get people to look at youtube as a legitimate opportunity or legitimate platform. People don't tend to look at it as a business at all,” she said.

She realizes it will take more time and focus to make a career of her show.

“For every thousand views, you get about $1 in ad revenue. If I get a million views a month that's about $1,000. That's not enough to make a a living, it's not enough to pay for rent really.”

Hoffman is one of thousands of young people who’ve gained celebrity status on the free YouTube platform.

Justin Bieber and Tori Kelly were discovered playing music and publishing their performances on YouTube and there’ve been others who made it big enough to get cast on television shows and movies.

Hoffman hopes to get there as well. Some day. Her degree in computer science is plan B.