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What The Tech? App of the Day: Clips

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Shooting videos with a smartphone is easy. Making them look amazing is more difficult. Video editing apps are available but many of them are difficult to use but Apple just released the video editing app we've been waiting for. 

Clips does the impossible: make editing video easy while still giving you the tools to make them look like you've spent a loooong time editing.

It's part Instagram and Snapchat and part Prisma, Apple's Best App of 2016. To shoot video you only need to tap and hold a record button. It shoots with either camera (back or selfie) and shoots stills as well as video. 

The additional features is what makes Clips stand out from the crowd. When recording, Clips will put on the screen animated sub-titles by using voice recognition. You don't need to add titles like you do with most any other editing app. You can place the subtitles on the screen wherever you like. Similar to Prisma and filters on Instagram, you have 6 filters to choose from that's automatically inserted over the video or photo. 

You can add pop-up text bubbles or emoji. Add as many to the video as you'd like. Clips also has a number of full-screen animated cards to place anywhere in the video. One that reads "The End", for example fits nicely at the end of the video. Clips also allows you to add music from an Apple soundtrack library or you can add music from your own library of music on your phone. 

Once the video is complete, you can save it to your camera roll and share it on social media or in a text or Facebook message. 

The beauty of Clips is you can make the video as simple or elaborate as you want. You can also shoot video and photos over the course of several days and insert them from your camera roll or by saving the clips within the Clips app. 

Apple just released Clips and it's one of the top rated and most downloaded apps in iTunes. Sadly, for Android fans there's no version for those phones.

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