The Howard School’s football stadium is getting some much-needed improvements.

A local man is donating $25,000 to redo the football field.  The generous donation is coming from Darrell Wyke, a local fitness trainer at the We Sacrifice We Excel personal training facility in Chattanooga. Wyke is also a minister.  He says he wants to make a difference for football players at the school.

Last summer, Wyke was part of a mentoring program through a partnership with the school. He trained ten players and says nine of them went on to play football in college.  He says that’s when he started thinking about how he could help the team in other ways.  

"I saw so much growth and change in these kids in a positive way. It just compelled me to do more,” Wyke told Channel 3. 

Wyke says he wanted to do more for the school’s football field because it’s in bad shape.
“I drive by there every morning on my way to work and it's in my community and it needs help,” said Wyke.

He says he called his friend, Dan Crockett, of Franklin American Mortgage in Nashville, and together they came up with $25,000 to redo the field.

“All kids want is to be appreciated, recognized and these kids are no different.  It warms my heart to know that next season these kids are going to run out on Friday night to a beautiful stadium and it warms my heart because they deserve it,” said Wyke.

He isn’t the only one helping the football team.  There are several other donors who have stepped up to repair the press box, concession stand, pressure wash and repaint the stadium.

Wyke told Channel 3 he and others want the players to have a football field they’re proud to play on for years to come.