UPDATE: We're learning more about what led up to a police-involved shooting earlier this week in North Georgia. Thirty-one-year-old Thomas Zane Campbell was on trial and facing 13 years in prison when he took off. He didn't go far. US Marshals found him at a home just 30 miles away and that is where he was shot by officers.

Thomas Campbell was standing trial in Catoosa county. Facing a conviction on a gun charge and 13 years in prison, he took off. His mother said that's what led to the shooting that nearly claimed his life.“I just knew it. I don't know how, I don't know why. I just knew it was him,” said Debbie Campbell.

Debbie Campbell turned on her TV Monday to see officers swarming a friend's home. She learned her son Thomas Zane Campbell was shot by police outside a Chattooga County home. “I can't cry about it anymore. Now I am just angry. I am in disbelief. You can't sleep, it is all you can think about.”

Campbell was air liairliftedChattanooga hospital, where he went through multiple surgeries.  “All of his bones were completely shattered and they are trying to piece it together with rods.”

US Marshals found Campbell on Halls Valley Spur Road 13 days after he ran away. The GBI said there was a confrontation between him and the officers that ended in a shooting. “There was no shots fired from my son. No, no he didn't raise a gun to an officer at all.”

Debbie Campbell didn't witness the shooting and wants answers. The GBI isn't commenting until a full investigation is complete. “We've only spoken to Zane a couple of times. We are not asking him anything about that because I am sure it is all what he thinks about all the time.”

The family said Campbell was shot five times. Once in each arm, in both legs, and his right shoulder.
He'll be in rehab until he can serve his sentence. “Taught how to use his arms again, taught how to walk. Months and months and months of rehab.”

Debbie Campbell said she stands by her son as the family waits to learn more. “We are here for him, we love him, do everything we can to get him up.”

Half a dozen agencies were on scene the day of the shooting. It is still unclear which agencies fired the shots that hit Campbell. The GBI will determine if the shooting was justified.

Campbell is still listed in critical condition.

PREVIOUS STORY: The GBI is investigating a shooting involving US Marshals in Chattooga County near the Walker County line. The shooting occurred on Halls Valley Spur Road. The suspect, 31-year-old Thomas Zane Campbell was shot and airlifted to Erlanger. The officers involved were not injured.

Agents with the US Marshals Service were looking for a wanted Georgia fugitive. When the officers eventually made contact with the man wanted, shots were exchanged, and now an investigation is underway.

“We noticed a black truck kept going back and forth,” said Kimberly Burrage. It's an uncommon sight for neighbors on Halls Valley Spur Road. Kimberly Burrage wasn't too worried until she saw almost a dozen police cars across the street. “They started flying up the driveway over there. There were so many, like 10, or more.”

Her neighbor was a wanted fugitive. A Scary realization for someone living with young children. “Crazy, scary you take them inside and lock the door. Is that what you did? Yes, yes.”

Officers from Walker County and Chattooga County Sheriff's Office responded to the scene, more agencies showed up once shots were fired. “The individual was wanted on felony firearm charges that is why you see such a big police showing here,” said Chattooga County Sheriff Mark Schrader.

Officers recovered a handgun on scene, but it is still unclear what agency fired shots first and exactly how many shots were fired.  “We knew he got shot because they were working on him in the ambulance before they moved him to the airplane,” said Burrage.

Campbell was airlifted to Erlanger with serious injuries. 

The last officer-involved shooting in Chattooga County was in 2013. Count on Channel 3 to bring you more updates as soon as they are released