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UPDATE: CPD cruiser involved in crash on Dodson Avenue

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UPDATE: A Chattanooga police vehicle, responding to an active call with lights and sirens, collided with a Ford Explorer on Dodson Avenue Sunday night around 8 p.m. 

Officials say the police cruiser was traveling northbound, when the Ford Explorer also traveling north, made a left turn in front of him. 
The grandmother who was driving the Ford Explorer, told her family she didn't see or hear the blue lights and sirens before she was hit and she was in the middle of making the turn when it happened. No one was seriously hurt 

"Like he knocked her whole tire off her car and he was going so fast that he couldn't stop," said mother Shiniqua Babbs. " She ended up way down there right before that tree up there." 

Shiniqua Babbs' two young daughters, ages 9 and 10 were in the Ford Explorer when it crashed.Their grandmother was behind the wheel. 

"The neighbor told me that he was doing over 100 miles per hour," said Babbs.

Investigators are looking into how fast both drivers were traveling. Chattanooga police say the officer was headed to a call.

"I understand that they need to do their job and need to get there but it doesn't make sense to have to drive so fast all the time," said Babbs. "She was already turning so there's no where for her to pull over unless she gets out of the way." 

Sgt.Gary Martin with CPD's Traffic Division explains that under Tennessee State Law all emergency vehicles, running lights and sirens are required to pass drivers on the left side. Drivers are required to yield and move right. 

"When I'm coming up behind the car, I'm watching that car because we don't know how people are going to react sometimes," said Sgt. Gary Martin. "By law you have to pull to the right." 

If you're on a highway, officers ask you to gradually move right, get out of fast lane and maintain your speed.

"The reason I want you to maintain your speed and don't jam on your breaks or anything is because you don't know where I'm going and I may be going from the left lane all the way across," said Sgt. Martin. 

If you are on a two lane road, all drivers should move to their right and give the emergency vehicle the center line and this rule includes drivers who are traveling on the opposite side of the roadway. If you are in the middle of making a right or left turn, officers say you should stop your vehicle and allow the officer to go around. 

The crash is still under investigation to determine who is at fault. Both Drivers suffered minor injuries but Babbs' daughters were okay. We checked police protocol and CPD officers only run their lights on high priority calls that could include a life threatening issue. 

PREVIOUS STORY: A Chattanooga police car, responding to an active call with lights and sirens, collided with a Ford Explorer Sunday night.

The crash, at the intersection of Dodson Avenue and Curtis Street, happened with the police car attempted to pass the Explorer in the intersection, according to a CPD news release.

The Explorer was attempting to turn left onto Curtis Street when it was struck by the police cruiser.

The crash forced the police car off the road, with an officer inside.

The drivers of bother vehicles, along with two juvenile passengers in the Explorer, were transported to local hospitals for treatment and examination.

The CPD Traffic Division are investigating the crash and will determine fault.

PREVIOUS STORY: A Chattanooga police cruiser and an SUV were involved in a crash on Sunday.

It happened around 8:00 p.m. on Dodson Avenue.

Police said the officer's injuries weren't serious, but he was taken to the hospital.

An adult and two minors were in the SUV and sent to the hospital as a precaution. 

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