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Two Chattanooga residents try to find love on new NBC show

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Two people from Chattanooga will look for love on a new NBC show called ‘First Dates.’

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Katheryn Golden, 29, and Richard Dube’, 66, were both chosen to appear on the program which airs for the first time on Friday night.

Dube’ told Channel 3 he was going through a very difficult time in his life after losing his wife of more than 40 years to ovarian cancer.

He saw an online ad for the show ‘First Dates’ and decided to apply. Dube’ said he never dreamed he would actually be chosen to appear on the program.

The next thing he knew he was traveling to Chicago to meet his blind date at a restaurant.

He admits he was extremely nervous but says the woman he had dinner with put him at ease.

Dube’ said she was from Nashville and they had great conversation.

“I said boy this really is a first date because I'd been married for 41 years and this was the first date I’d gone on in over 42 years. I said this is pretty amazing,” Dube’ told Channel 3.

Dube’s appearance has changed since filming the episode in 2015. He said he made a commitment to honor his late wife during the first year after her passing by not cutting his hair or beard.

Dube’ can’t say how the date ended but he did say he has some advice for anyone in his situation ant that is to “let life unfold, don’t think about it.” The 66-year-old also said he believes the man should always pay.

‘First Dates,’ produced by Ellen DeGeneres and narrated by Drew Barrymore can be seen on NBC, Channel 3, Friday night at 8:00 p.m.

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