Those living in Soddy Daisy will soon be under a watchful eye at four community parks. 

City commissioners voted to set up surveillance cameras around the city's parks as a way to stop crime on Thursday. 

The cameras will be set up at Veterans Park, the community center and playground at Kid's Park , and at Holly Park to protect both a boat ramp and a pavilion. 

Some residents tell Channel 3, said they don't really see a need for cameras, while others say it will be great for the community. 

"There are going to be some pros and cons. Some pros would be that there will definitely be a crackdown on vandilization and hooligans," said Soddy Daisy High School senior, Corey Markus. "Some cons would definitely be some people will see it as an invasion of privacy."

Markus has been hanging out at Scramble Alley for years and have never had any problems. 

"You've got families in the community worried about their children's safety like playing in there and I know some parents come down and they have like groups and stiff down there they let their kids play in there," said Soddy Daisy High School senior, Hallie Sneed. 

The cameras will cost $12,509. City Manager, Janice cagle said there are 8 to 10 cameras are already installed throughout the city. Only one camera oversees the community center. 

Police Chief Phillip Hamrick said there haven't been any serious issues with park vandalism in the past, but this initiative will help fight potential crimes and save money. 

"Every city and park has a continous vandalism problem. You might have one park that gets hit and then a few times another park gets hit. It's just a various targets of opportunity. Most times it's teenagers just out ding wrong," said Hamrick. "Whenever you vandalize something you tear something up, so then the city has to come back and replace or repair."

The new camera system will allow officers to view footage on smart phones. It also has night vision and zooming options. 

The city hired two private vendors to supply and install the cameras. Cagle said it's not clear when they will put into place, but it will be paid from funds that remain in the recreation budget.