As possible severe storms focus on the Tennessee Valley, public storm shelters may be the safest place for some people to hunker down.


The Cleveland-Bradley County Emergency Management Agency says the following shelters, or "safe rooms" will be opened about 4:00pm today:

  1. Bradley Fire Rescue Station - Dalton Pike at Waterville (adjacent to the Golf Course) 3715 Dalton Pike, Cleveland, TN 37323
  2. Bradley Fire Rescue Station - Minnis Road (located close to Parkview School)  365 Minnis Rd, Cleveland, TN 37323
  3. Bradley Fire Rescue Station - Georgetown Road at Hopewell (adjacent to Volunteer Electric & Hopewell school)  5345 Georgetown Rd NW, Cleveland, TN 37312
  4. Walker Valley High School – Charleston / Wacker / Amazon / Olin / Lonza area 750 Lauderdale Memorial Hwy, Cleveland, TN 37312

Police will be stationed at the gates of the school to direct for access on site as well.

The rules for the shelters are:
The Fire - Rescue Stations are a WORKING FIRE AND RESCUE STATION. Parking is limited and in designated areas only. This is for TEMPORARY shelter, and is on a first come basis. Law enforcement will be on site and while there are crates for a FEW animals to be kept in the bay area, there will be NO animals allowed in the safe rooms except for certified service animals who are on duty. Again NO PETS are allowed in the safe room at the 3 Fire Stations and NO PETS AT ALL will be allowed into Walker Valley High School.


Chatsworth Church of God in Murray County has opened a storm shelter.  They are located at 1685 US-411, Chatsworth.

Walker County will open a public shelter at noon Wednesday for those in need of a safe location during the storm. The shelter will be at the Walker County Civic Center, located at 10052 N Highway 27 in Rock Spring.

Walker County Emergency Services will also open an Emergency Operations Center at noon for county and city services to coordinate operations during the potential weather event.

If other counties open storm shelters, they will be added to this story.