Two families brought together to save a life, are sharing the need for organ donors. Some people needing a critical organ transplant could wait years to find a match.

April is Donor Awareness Month, currently there are nearly 3,000 Tennesseans waiting for a live saving transplant.    

It's almost been three years since Jerri Gunn lost her son. 

"Had a wreck outside of Lake Winnie and he's just my precious baby, I got to have him for 20 beautiful years," said Gunn. 

It's a day she won't ever forget. Now, she's standing outside of Erlanger in Chattanooga sharing how her son gave someone the gift of life even though his was taken too soon.

"The question they always ask you is if you want to be an organ donor? And immediately his answer was yes," said Gunn. 

That answer saved Kinah Sanders, she received one of Rocky's kidneys. She was one of 120,000 people in the United States waiting for a life-saving transplant.

"It has given me a second chance on life, you know without them I don't know where I would be is Jerry has always been there through thick and thin," said Sanders. 

Privacy laws protect organ donors and recipients, but these two families found each other on their own. 

"My friend said, 'I know a lady who knows a lady That received a transplant on July 4 at Vanderbilt. But because of privacy, they're really good about that, she could have my information but I didn't want to ask for hers," said Jerri Gunn.

"We feel like God put us together and no one else has done that we just feel like it was meant to be and that God did this for us," said Kinah Sanders. 

Tuesday, Erlanger raised a flag for Donor Awareness Month. Some days are difficult for Gunn, at times she's sad, but most of the time she sees pride and joy that her sons legacy is alive. 

"She's Healthy, she looks amazing and The fact that we get to share that is an honor and a blessing. For us, Rocky had a purpose in life, at 20 years he was taken from us but we get to see his reasoning wasn't meant to be a miracle for the rest of his life on earth, it was to be a miracle after he was gone," said Gunn.