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What The Tech? App of the Day: Nope

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Zig Ziglar said "Why is it when someone with nothing to do, always wants to do it with you?". How true is that in your workplace? Seems like anytime you get deep into a groove on a project some co-worker stops by your desk to chat. 

A company that offers rentable office space in several cities around the country has developed an app to help put an end to annoying co-workers who want to do nothing with you.

Nope is a Chrome browser extension that interrupts the interrupting co-worker by calling your phone. Rather than installing an app on your phone, Nope places a tiny icon at the top of your Chrome browser window. If someone just won't stop talking to you while you've got something better to do, you click on the button and it rings your phone. 

Simple as that. 

The number it calls from is from New York City. Once you answer the call, an automated message begins to play that gives some rather humorous instructions on what to do next to 'shoo' them away. 

"On the count of 3, place your hand over your mouth like you've just gotten bad news," the message says. If the co-worker doesn't take the hint, the message suggests you try waving them away and suggests other motions to try next. 

I've used apps that do similar things but it always seems too obvious that I'm being bothered when I have to pick up my phone, open an app then place the phone down again to wait on it to ring. 

With the Nope button on my computer screen an annoying co-worker who probably only means well and needs some attention themselves, will never know what you're up to. 

It works at home too when your kids or spouse is trying to talk over a YouTube video. 

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