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Heavy rain and strong winds uproots a tree in a local home

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UPDATE: The heavy rain toppled a tree in an East Brainerd yard Monday morning. 

Tramaine Ray and her mother were getting ready to head out to a doctors appointment when they decided it might be best to stay indoors.

"Something told us just to stay in just because of this rain, but that was before the tree fell. We heard this loud rumble. I thought it was an earthquake, but it came from the sky so I'm like what is going on and my mom just said run," said Ray. "I mean we could only imagine if we decided to go to the doctors today. We definitely would've been trapped." 

About 30 minutes after canceling that appointment they walked outside and saw a tree blocking their garage. It also clipped the side of the roof, damaging their cable dish. Ray said the tree has stood in their backyard since her family moved in 21 years ago, and has weathered more severe storms in the past. 

"We're just in shock because it didn't take much. It just took a little rain so we're just lucky to be alive." 

Storm Team 3 meteorologists explained last year's drought, strong wind or heavy rain can easily take down weakened trees, and in this case, leave a costly mess for Ray and her mother to clean up. 

"Be prepared you never know what may happen. You just need a little bit of rain to cause that much damage. Over time thins can accumulate. and you you can have little problem on your hands," said Ray. 

If you see a tree in your neighborhood that is leaning on or toward a power line, call 423-648-1EPB (1372) or click here to report it.

In addition, if power lines end up down across your neighborhood, don't go near them until crews have cleared the area. They could be live wires and you could get electrocut

PREVIOUS STORY: The family of a home on Allegheny Dr. is stuck at home for the day after this tree clipped the roof and blocked their garage. 

The owners of the home say no one is hurt. 

There is an elderly person that lives there and was supposed to have a routine doctors appointment but will have to be rescheduled.

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