Former Vols quarterback Josh Dobbs was so busy on Friday that he forgot to eat lunch.

His day started with Pro Day, throwing routes on air in front of about 90 NFL scouts and he was outstanding.

Then, Dobbs threw out the first pitch at the Tennessee baseball game and jumped on the Vol Network radio broadcast.

But, he still made time to take kids on a shopping spree.

Dobbs and fellow former Vol LaTroy Lewis partnered with Academy Sports to give ten kids a one-hundred dollar shopping spree.

Josh and Troy helped the kids pick out football gear to get ready for Dobbs' first football camp Saturday at Victor Ashe Park.

The kids got to shop with their role model and it puts things in perspective for Dobbs.

"I had a lot of different people that I looked up to growing up, so for kids in the Knoxville community to tell their parents or have a parent come up to you or even a kid come up to you and say, 'hey, you're my role model,' it goes a long ways," Dobbs said.

"It definitely puts things into perspective that kids in the community are watching your every move because they come up to you and say hey we want to be just like you when we grow up. You have to look yourself in the mirror and say, 'am I really the person that these kids think I am?' At the end of the day I hope I am and that's what I strive to be each and everyday but it's definitely a huge compliment and very humbling every time you hear it because when I was eight, I never thought I would be that person that I was looking up to, so to be that in a lot of kids eyes, it's truly humbling."

Those same kids from the shopping spree also have a scholarship to attend Dobbs' camp for free on Saturday.

He hopes to teach his campers how fun football can be and how it can help you meet new people.

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