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Hundreds of volunteers help out at RAM's free health clinic

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After waiting in line for hours, patients were welcomed by hundreds of volunteers inside Cleveland High School for Remote Area Medical's (RAM) free health care clinic. 

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This year RAM brought in about 100 people to help out, including Ty Grabobich, a third year student at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center. 

"The first time I volunteered here it changed my perspective on everything and got me involved in dentistry," said Grabobich. "It's a great place to come and practice my clinical skills and just give back."

Dental is one of the RAM's busiest sections each year. Organizers tell Channel 3, it makes up 60 percent of the clinic. 

"The things you see here you don't see at a regular dentist office you see kind of the worst of the worst. People have come in with rotten teeth; they're in such pain, and it's amazing the difference in them once you get those teeth out & out of pain," said Grabobich. 

The free clinic offers many other services like HIV/AIDS and Hep-C testing and kidney screenings. 

In the vision clinic, patients can get their eyesight checked and pick out new glasses. A group of volunteers will then make their prescription glass on site. 

Licensed optician, Annabella Yarovsky said she sees a little bit of herself in those who come for help. 

"We are all many of us students. Many of us also don't have medical insurance. I myself don't have medical insurance, and I come out here and give free care for other people."

As a Russian refugee, Yarovsky struggles getting the care she needs. 

"It's become so bad that I need a surgery I need medication my medications alone cost over $400 a month, and even that becomes more and more difficult to get," said Yarovsky. "I mean when I get enough money I go and I do what I can ."

Yarovsky said living without healthcare is a hardship no one should have to face.

"It's not an obligation it's a right it's a human right. "It's one of your basic needs just like shelter and food to be able to have medical attention for you, your family, and your kids."

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