With Atlanta just a little more than 100 miles away, Thursday's bridge collapse is impacting many people from our area who make the trip to and from, whether it's for work or personal reasons.

Ray Proffitt knows all about Atlanta's slow moving traffic. 

He takes people to and from the Atlanta airport for Groome Transportation's Chattanooga office.

"Normally it takes a little over two hours to get to Atlanta during rush period," he said. 

He knows that trip will now be longer after one of Atlanta's main interstates collapsed Thursday in a massive fire. 

He said he didn't hit much traffic going to the airport at 6:00 Friday morning, but he did hit hit coming back. 

"Everyone's been amazed or in shock about it. Hearing it on the news and hearing it last night," he added. 

The collapse is making it challenging for local logistics companies too.

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Tran Co. Logistics transports different types of products all over the southeast. 

Joe Taylor says his fleet of trucks make 20 trips to Atlanta everyday.

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"It does slow our deliveries and impedes our ability to serve our customers somewhat," Taylor said. 

Within an hour of Thursday's collapse, Taylor says the company started making adjustments by communicating detours to drivers and building in extra time to keep deliveries on time. 

"Delays for some reason are more critical others but nevertheless they are all important," he added.

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Until the I-85 bridge can be replaced, GDOT warns drivers to be patient and give yourself extra time if you need to get through the area.