(WXIA) -  Interstate 85 is about to undergo a severe makeover and the duration could be lengthy.

In a statement Friday morning, GDOT Commissioner Russell McMurray said bridge inspectors looked at the I- 85 bridge overnight and determined that the damage to the southbound bridge sections from the fire will require replacement of those sections as well as the collapsed section of the northbound bridge. 

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In addition, inspectors said adjacent bridge sections of the interstate may also require repair or replacement due to damage from the fire. 

Crews haven't been able to determine an anticipated timeframe for structural repairs to the roadway, but McMurray said repairs and reconstruction will be time-consuming.

"We are as eager to learn the cause of this fire as anyone, which is why we will continue to work closely and in full cooperation with fire investigators to determine exactly how the fire was started," McMurray said.

The area where the fire started is part of the state's right-of-way which was being used as a secured storage area for "construction materials, equipment and supplies," McMurray said, pointing out that the area contained materials like PVC piping, a stable, non-combustible material.

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