A McMinn County woman is crediting a cell phone app and Channel 3 with helping catch a burglar. Rhonda Price has a surveillance app on her cell phone called Manything. She downloaded it after watching Jamey Tucker's ‘What the Tech’ segment once things began disappearing in her home.

The app detects motion and sound and records footage to the I-cloud. Price told Channel 3, without it she would have never been able to catch the man responsible.

Rhonda noticed her diamond ring was missing a few weeks ago; she wasn't sure if she misplaced it or if it was stolen. She never thought she could afford a home security system, but her boyfriend convinced her of the idea of repurposing old electronics that were sitting around collecting dust.

“There is an app Channel 3 had on. We researched it, found it, and downloaded it. Placed all the iPads and iPhones and once we did that, that is how we set it up,” said Kevin Webb.

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When Rhonda Price's cell phone alerted her that her I-pad detected movement in her living room, it didn't surprise her. “My I-pad goes off 20 times a day, my cat going back and forth so much. I don't pay much attention to it,” said Price.

But when her old iPhone also detected motion in her bedroom. She pulled up the app Manything and began to worry. “I knew to look. I watched the maintenance man live, open my jewelry box and grab something. I didn't know what, but he put it in his pocket and walked out.”

Surveillance video appears to show her maintenance man, 53-year-old Brian Dougherty, take two of her gold rings. “I called the cops. Cops were there within five minutes. They watched the video, and then came straight here to make sure something was missing. Then they went and confronted him.”

Dougherty was then arrested by Athens PD. Rhonda's boyfriend Kevin Webb praises the app and said it’s a good security system alternative. “If somebody touches it you have the recording and take it to the police and say I got it.”

Rhonda plans to continue to use the app and to be on the safe side, she plans to stay up to date with the latest technology. “App of the day, I do watch that now. I will download it and see what it is just in case it’s something I need,” said Price.

Brian Dougherty was in court Thursday, he has agreed to plead in criminal court to two years for felony charges.