We are learning more about a LaFayette High School principal's past.

Walker County School Board members voted to not to renew Michael Culberson's contract last week, but wouldn't give a reason as to why. 

Channel 3 has obtained Culberson's personnel files, which are providing new insight. Those files say he "forged" several emails from employees in September of 2016. 

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The incident report claims Assistant Principal Debbie King and Guidance Counsellor Ericka Black sent e-mails complaining about Julie Portwood, a mission support specialist at the high school. 

The e-mail thread expressed concerns of Portwood changing students' schedules and allowing some to take online classes.

The report claims Culberson then took those e-mails and altered them, adding several paragraphs, and then forwarded the messages to Superintendent Damon Raines.
In Culberson's alterations of Debbie King's e-mail, he says Portwood created a "hostile" work environment and constantly upset students and employees. 

Culberson also claimed Portwood left work every day at two o'clock.

Culberson released a statement to Channel 3 in connection to the forging allegations:

"Thank you for reaching out to me regarding the discrepancy of the alleged "forged" emails. Sorry, but at this time I am unable to comment on this ongoing situation."