Rescue crew from five different agencies in two counties spent a second day searching for a missing Hamilton County man.

Crews found 38-year-old Chad Cook's truck and dirt bike on Monday, but no signs of him. Officials say they searched a large area until Monday night's storm suspended the search.

A THP helicopter was called in to fly over the area being searched on Tuesday. Investigators hope to find Chad Cook safe. 

"I'm scared, he's my baby, I'm very frustrated because it's a beautiful day and it's after 12 o'clock to my knowledge they only started looking part way an hour ago," said Chad's mother Debbie Watkins.

Watkins last heard from her son by phone around 2 a.m. Monday. He said he was lost in the woods and waiting for his friends to come back and get him. 

She says his friends left to go get the truck after Cook's bike broke down around 6 o'clock Sunday night. She remembers he was worried, but confident they'd find him and bring him home. 

"So Chad thought they were coming to rescue him and he didn't know where he was, he didn't know the trail so he wasn't going to leave. He said I'm going to stay here with my bike," said Watkins. 

The man and woman who were riding bikes with Chad, before he disappeared, told police they got back to the truck but got stuck in the mud. They said they then searched for Chad on foot but got lost too.

"I'm just hoping that he is out there lost and we can find him," said Sheriff Ronnie Bo Burnett, Marion County Sheriff's Department.

Sheriff Burnett says the call for help didn't come in until 10 a.m. Monday. After several hours of searching, crews found Cook's truck and bike, but not him.

The Sheriff says their search was only slightly delayed Tuesday morning until investigators could pinpoint a more precise location to look. The majority of people out looking for Cook are volunteers who are helping the Sheriff's Office.

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"It's hard to make people do something when they're volunteering but they are a great help," said Sheriff Burnett.

The Sheriff wants the public to know he's doing the best he can with the resources available.

"I don't want anybody to think I'm not's just I have limited resources," said Sheriff Burnett. " I just don't have the personnel to put out there... Mr lamb told me to do a thorough search of that area it would probably take a thousand people and the terrain is very steep."

"Whatever the outcome is, I just want to find him," said Watkins. "I'm just pleading with anybody to come help."

Chad Cook was last seen wearing black and orange riding gear, if you see him call police immediately. Search Crews are still combing the woods looking for answers.