The Public Safety Act is impacting some local cases like the one centered around Valerie Bray.

The 60 year old was set to be sentenced at the beginning of the year in the hit and run case that killed local runner Cameron Bean in 2015. 

Bray pleaded guilty to the charges against her in December but still several months later, she doesn't know her fate. 

That's because the Public Safety Act took effect on January 1, 2017. It requires additional factors to be considered for possible probation. 

Those factors weigh how likely the person is to becoming a re offender. 

Defense attorney, Bill Speek, who represents Bray, said the act spells out more guidelines for probation officers. 

"I think the idea of this is, since probation is around these people all the time, if they defender is a high threat and they think they need enhanced probation, regardless of what might be ordered by the judge, they're going to put them on a higher level of probation," Speek added. 

This act is aimed at reducing overcrowding in prisons. 

Bray's sentencing is set for April 27th.