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Baby delivered at hospital: in the parking lot

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Tim and Melanie Stevens with baby Angelina Tim and Melanie Stevens with baby Angelina

The birth of a child is always a momentous occasion, but some are more eventful than others. Tim Stevens, an Erlanger surgery resident, and wife Melanie, a pharmacist, both have medical backgrounds, but were certainly unprepared for what would soon happen.  On the night of February 20th, they were making plans for the birth of their second child, which was scheduled to arrive in three weeks.  When Melanie began having contractions, they decided to head for the hospital.

Tim and Melanie were en route to Erlanger East for what they hoped would be a routine delivery, but baby Angelina had other ideas.

The fifteen-minute drive to the hospital was a little chaotic, to say the least. Tim said, "When we were on the freeway Melanie's yelling got loud, and our two-year old was in the back seat."  

Once they arrived, you'd think they would head straight to labor and delivery, right? Tim headed in that direction, but things escalated quickly. Melanie's water broke in the car. Within minutes, Tim was holding the baby, and staffers from Erlanger East rushed outside to make sure mom and baby were okay.  

One month later, they're blessed with a second healthy daughter, and they can laugh about a most unforgettable parking lot experience, and a birthing story that baby Angelina will surely cherish. "If there is a next time," Melanie said, "at the first sign of any contractions, we'll be packed and ready to go."

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