A rider passed away from a motorcycle crash Friday.

It happened around noon on 34th Street in Chattanooga.

Officers say the rider of the motorcycle was 21-year-old Brandon Tudors. He was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The cause of the crash is under investigation.

This is the city's first motorcycle fatality of the year. As the temperatures rise and more riders are out on the road, police have a message for the community.

"We hear people say watch for motorcycles, I'm here to tell you it starts with the rider," said Inv. Joe Warren, "Learn to ride and learn to wear the proper riding gear when you ride."

Investigator Joe Warren has been a motorcycle officer for 18 years in Chattanooga, and he investigates when other riders are in a crash.

Inv. Warren says all riders should take a training course before hitting the road and invest in protective riding gear, that could save your life. 

"Before you start spending money on chrome or add-ons for your motorcycle. spend money on your riding gear and spend money on your training," Inv. Warren said. 

Renee Burkhart was a witness to the crash on Friday afternoon, and she says the teenage driver was speeding.

"It appeared that he hit a pebble in the road or something, the handlebars went crazy on the motorcycle or something, he flew off," Burkhart said.

She says Tudors lived right across the street from where he was killed. 

"Neighborhood kid, it's sad. He's got two babies so he has left behind two children now," Burkhart said.

Neighbors wonder why so many speed along their road.

"That's why we fought and fought and fought to get the speed humps put in thinking it would slow everybody down. We run into him all the time and actually have told him several times please slow down on that motorcycle," Burkhart said.