Rhea County High School students are into the books even more than usual this year, for good reason. They're partnering with the city of Two Rivers, Wisconsin, known as the birthplace of the ice cream sundae.

With every page read, students take one more "step" on the 710 mile trip to Two Rivers, Wisconsin. For the past two months, students have been racking up pages, in an effort to reach their goal of free ice cream sundaes.

Teachers knew ice cream sundaes would provide a great incentive, and the tie-in with the town of Two Rivers made it a fun goal for students.  Besides, they say, despite popular belief, they like to read anyway, especially books.

Teachers estimate each mile includes 2,000 steps. To get from Rhea County to Two Rivers, it would take 1.4 million steps. At one page per step, each student would need to read four 200-page books by the first of May.

It isn't just the students involved in this reading project. The faculty and staff are also turning the pages, including the cafeteria ladies.  At the current pace, Rhea county should reach the finish line next month, in time for a huge ice cream sundae party on May 10th.