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One community leader speaks out against recent shootings

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Within four hours, three people were shot in two separate shootings Thursday night. 

The first was on Pinewood Avenue around 7 in the evening. One man was injured and another was killed. On Jarvis Avenue, another man was shot in the face just before midnight.

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Several people who live near Pinewood and Jarvis tell Channel 3 the two shootings are the worst they've seen, including William Muhammad who said it's time for change. 

"This has been going on in our community for a long long time," said Muhammad. 

Muhammad and his son share a business, "Fast Lane Lemonade," where the pair sell lemonade at the intersection of Tunnel Blvd and Shallowford Rd. Boys and girls between ages 8 and 14 are help; making money, while learning entrepreneurship skills. 

"We have to turn inward and save our children we can't be greedy anymore it can't be all about me and mine," said Muhammad. 

But he said the violence in his community has to stop. 

"It's ultimately our responsibility, because it's happening in our community. We can't look for the answers to come from the City Hall, Chief Fletcher and the police department or the sheriffs department," said Muhammad. 

Bullet casings are left on the ground on Jarvis Ave, and family members are mourning a loss after the shooting on Pinewood Ave. 

"What is really going on in the city of Chattanooga that we can't seem to put a handle on this gun violence that's going on in our community," said Muhammad? " It's not just our brothers and sisters that are Street organizations."

Chattanooga Police Chief, Fred Fletcher said this time of year is more violent. It's why more officers have been assigned to patrol hot spots, and were able to quickly respond to the shootings. 

"The fifth day of our in depth operations we had almost 300 arrests, 30 gang members in jail, 12 guns off the street, $13,000 seized and a large amount of various types of narcotics taking off the street," said Fletcher. "Officers knew where to be to the extent they heard the gunshots by these violent criminals your Chattanooga police officers are as concerned about it as any of our family members are in they are out there placing themselves in harm's way."

With the police department expected to roll out new resources and technology like Crime Eye, Fletcher said his staff is progressing in trying to prevent crimes. 

But Muhammad said that's just one step in making change. 

"It's a bunch of factors that is plaguing our community of why we are in the condition that we are in it's deeper than us killing one another."

No arrests have been made in either shooting. Police are asking witnesses and anyone with any information to come forward. 

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