Chattanooga has been ranked as the sixth-fattest city in America, according to a new survey by WalletHub.

The personal finance company took a look at the country's top fattest cities for the month of March, which is also known as National Nutrition Month.

Data found that Chattanooga is in the top percent for overweight adults in the U.S., and the city also ranks high in percentage of adults with high blood pressure.

WalletHub’s analysts compared 100 of the most populated U.S. metro areas across 17 key indicators of weight-related problems. Their data set ranges from share of physically inactive adults to projected obesity rates by 2030 to healthy-food access.

Memphis, TN ranked in as the second-fattest city in the country, and Knoxville came in 10th place.

Nashville ranked number 23.

  1. Jackson, MS
  2. Memphis, TN
  3. Little Rock, AR
  4. McAllen, TX
  5. Shreveport, LA
  6. Chattanooga, TN
  7. Mobile, AL
  8. Lafayette, LA
  9. Winston-Salem, NC
  10. Knoxville, TN