Video of this week's crime from inside the Kangaroo convenience store last Wednesday night is downright unsettling. The three have covered themselves in multiple layers of clothing and hoods and face masks. Their crime was particularly brazen for a number of reasons. Among them: the store sits at the very busy roundabout at Shallowford and Jenkins Roads, and they struck, not in the dead of night, but around 9:30 last Wednesday evening.

The bad guys are seen storming the store and hitting a customer with something in a bag. Chattanooga Police Sgt. Victor Miller explains what happened next. "The clerk was hit and he was down on the ground, but they were still trying to get him up as quickly as they could to get the cash drawer," he said. "While one of them was occupied with the clerk, the other one was occupied with the customer trying to rob him as well."

As that clerk worked to comply with their demands, for some reason, the crooks hit him again, this time with a handgun. The trio emptied the cash drawer then headed outside. "The vehicle that they fled in is going to be a gray SUV crossover type like a Mazda CX-5," said Sgt. Miller.

Take a look at the three, at their clothing, and at their getaway car. "It seemed that they knew the area and they knew the business so they probably frequent this area," Miller added. "We believe that they're still in town and that they have told someone. We're hoping that they told you and you see this Crime Stoppers episode and you will call in and provide that information to us."

Even if you do not know them, any little bit of information you can provide could get you up to $1,000 reward cash. "It could be that you saw someone wearing this type of clothing in the area near here, or the vehicle looks like your neighbor," Sgt. Miller said. "I mean, it could be anything."

Help stop these three before they strike again and maybe seriously injure someone. Help sweep them off our streets with what you know and remain anonymous. Call Crime Stoppers tonight: 698-3333

If you get voicemail, leave a way for Sgt. Miller to get back to you. He may have questions, but he will never ask for your name or who you are.