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Extended power outages possible for North Georgia residents

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More than 80,000 residents across the Tennessee Valley lost power Tuesday night. Crews have spent the day working to restore it, but North Georgia residents could continue to wait due to downed power lines. 

Thousands of North Georgia residents are without power. Officials say the winds from Tuesday night's storm were so strong, that more than 20 utility poles snapped in half. Utility crews are working around the clock to clean up the mess but they say its going to take some time.

"Well it was a quick storm that passed through but it left massage damage," said Stephanie Holder, North Georgia Electric Membership. "We had a total of 22,000 members out of power last night at the peak of the storm."

Officials say more than 6,000 customers are still waiting to have to have their power restored. The cleanup is on a wide- spread scale.

"Catoosa, Whitfield, and Walker were the most impacted by the damage. Our crews were out all night long working to restore the power," said Holden. 

Several regional crews have stepped in to help, still power outages may be extended in some areas.  

Officials say it takes several hours to evaluate and fix just one utility pole and even then crews have to walk the lines to be sure everything's okay 

There are more than 6,000 miles of line on the system.

"We have to go through and check the lines all the way back to the substation to make sure they are safe before we turn them on," said Holden. " We wouldn't want to turn a substation on and have live lines laying on the ground so it's all about safety when we restore power," said Holden. 

If you see downed or hanging power lines, officials say it's extremely important that you don't touch them or drive over them. Call 911 or your electric company to report the downed lines immediately. 

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