UPDATE: In Marion County the high winds and heavy rain downed power lines and forced trees to snap in half.

Fans have been on overnight inside the warrior gym at Marion County High School.

After the storm, maintenance crews rushed to the school and found a leak in the roof above the gym.

Sherry Prince, the school principal said staff set up a make shift funnel to catch the water.

"Quite a bit of water came in on us which we got cleaned up last night and we have a tree down in the front yard which we'll have to get it out of the way,” Prince said.

A quick but strong storm pummeled through the Tennessee Valley Tuesday leaving some areas in the dark.

Sequatchie Valley Electric Cooperative tells Channel 3 thousands of customers were without power, including those living in Marion County. It’s why the school district decided to close.

"The trees down across the county, power outages, damage in the gym, we need to get cleaned up today,” Prince explained.

A large pine tree in front of the school came tumbling down, just barely missing the building.

"It just kind of split it in half maybe twisted from the winds so we'll just need to clean that up, luckily it didn't hit the building or damage anything,” Prince said.
Students leave for spring break on Friday, that's when Prince hopes to clean up most of the mess.

Marion County School District said they aren't sure how much damage was caused. Prince said classes will resume Thursday morning.

PREVIOUS UPDATE: Some homes are still without power after Tuesday Nights storms, dispatch confirms more than 2,400 homes are without power. 

All 20 fire stations, T-DOT, and Highway Patrol were out clearing roads overnight. All main roads are open.

There have been no reports of any major flooding or injuries. 

The strong storms that moved through the Tennessee Valley Tuesday night have forced Marion County schools to close Wednesday.

Mack Reeves, Director of Attendance and Transportation, says the storms sent a tree through the roof of the gym at Marion County High School, causing it to flood.

Reeves says the widespread power outages is another reason the school system will be closed.

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