UPDATE: The Bradley County Sheriff's Office is offering tips to residents who were affected by the hail storm Tuesday evening.

The Sheriff's Office says anyone who found damage, like shattered windows, torn screens, dented cars, and cracked windshields, should use the following information:

"If your car was damaged, check with your insurance company. If you have comprehensive coverage you are likely covered.

In most cases, you will first take your car to a body shop to get an estimate for repairs. If the damage was minor, it may not even be as much as your deductible so you'll want to consider that before filing your claim. Whether or not you repair your car is up to you.

If you decide to file a claim, the insurance company will generally want an estimate for the repair and will write you a check for that cost minus your deductible.

If you have an outstanding loan on your car, you will be required to get it fixed. Most of the time, filing a claim for hail damage alone will not affect your insurance premiums.

Some policies will not make you pay a deductible on windshield repair (not replacement). If windshield only has minor damage, make sure you know whether this is the case for you before deciding whether to repair or replace.

If your home was damaged by the hail, you are likely covered by your homeowners policy. First take photos of all the damage as soon as it's safe to do so. Be sure to check the roof, siding, windows, and even capture large trees that may have been knocked over in the storm. Check carefully because the damage isn't always obvious.
Insurance companies will require an adjuster to come inspect your home and assess damage. Call your company to ask how they prefer you set up this appointment.

Be aware that insurance will often not cover what they consider cosmetic damage that does not affect the integrity of the home's structure. Deductibles for storm damage will not always be the same as deductibles for other claims so be sure to check with your company.

Occasionally, companies will cover removal of large trees and debris that fall as a direct result of hail, wind, or lightning (minus a deductible of course). Before you pay for this service, check to make sure yours does not!"

PREVIOUS STORY: Severe weather made its way through Cleveland Tuesday evening brought large hail and damaging winds with it.

There are several reports of hail damaging cars and breaking windshields. 

Lucy Metzgar was at home with her family when the worst of the storm hit around 6 pm. They were taking cell phone video and pictures of the damage when they noticed Metzgar's car windshield had been smashed by the hail. 

"We had no window in the back so it completely smashed that out and the car's got dings all over it now," Metzgar said, "I could hear a few thumps on the roof and I came out of the bedroom and it was just like the whole heavens opened up and it just started coming down really hard."

Cleveland Utilities is reporting 13 customers are without power as of 7:00 p.m.

Volunteer Energy Cooperative is reporting three outages in Polk County and one in Rhea County. No outages have been reported in Bradley County by VEC.

According to Channel 3's Storm Alert Radar, a second line of storms moved into the viewing area as of 6:35 p.m.

The second line of storms caused even more damage. Strong winds knocking down trees and causing a portion of a roof to blow off.

At the South Pointe Mobile Home Park, a tree fell and shattered the back window of a nearby car. Minutes later, the Mabe family returned home to find the roof of their home had been partially blown off.

"But the winds got strong enough where it bent the tin roof from out awning all the way up to the roof of our trailer and now the inside of our roof is now exposed to the elements," said Chris Mabe.

In 2015 Channel 3 covered a story with Chris Mabe and his family at this same mobile home community when a tree fell onto his home, also during a severe storm.

Mabe said his family is looking for some emergency assistance and a place to stay Tuesday night.