UPDATE: Fire crews spent Tuesday morning monitoring dry conditions in one north Georgia neighborhood where a brush fire got out of control. 

The flames threatened about a dozen homes before they were able to put them out.   

Pockets of smoke could be seen filling the air along a hill in Middleton Estates. Most of what burned is debris from the 2011 tornadoes. 

"It's downed lumber, you know, downed trees, that are still sitting there rotting over the years," Judith Eigelsbach said. 

The panoramic view of Eigelsbach's porch was replaced Monday with smoke and fire trucks as crews worked to protect her home from flames; something she expected to happen a few months ago, not now.

"Last summer, that droughts, we just constantly, I was so careful with my water consumption. We were really worried about somebody dropping a cigarette or whatever and burning and it just taking off because of the dry conditions. 

Firefighters with the Georgia Forestry Commission tell Channel 3 the fire is an example of how important burn permits are. 

A homeowner in the area obtained a burn permit prior to burning some brush on his property when wind picked up an ember and the fire quickly spread. 

Crews spent hours Monday burning brush in the area and creating fire lines to help protect more than a dozen homes. 

"When you see them here and their self-confidence in them talking and they know what they're doing, it really makes you proud that we have people in Dade county that would commit their lives to protecting others like that," Eigelsbach added. 

The Georgia Forestry Commission tells Channel 3, the homeowner that was burning is protected because he had a burn permit and was following the conditions the burn permit allowed. 

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According to dispatchers, fire crews cleared the scene overnight. Currently, all of North Georgia is in at least a moderate drought with some counties under an extreme drought. 

PREVIOUS STORY: Firefighters are working a large brush fires in Dade County Monday night.

The Dade County 911 center confirms the wildfires are burning in Trenton in the Middleton Estates subdivision along Back Valley Road and in Wildwood off Chambers Roads and Pope Trail.

A picture sent by a Channel 3 viewer shows flames close to a home in Middleton Estates; however, officials say no homes or buildings are being threatened by the fires in either location.

We're told initial reports of the fires came in around at 3:30 p.m.

No injuries have been reported.

We have a crew on the scene.

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