UPDATE: Clean up is underway at a post office in Jasper, Tennessee after a truck crashed through the front of the building on Monday around lunch time. The driver is okay, just a little bit shaken up. Police tape now blocks off the parking lot where broken glass, brick and debris scattered  in the post office's parking lot.

"I'm shocked, I'm totally shocked," said one resident. 

"It's a shame but I guess somebody decided they needed to be remodeled," said Vixie Clemens. 

Jasper police say an 80-year-old woman accidentally accelerated into the front of the building, while trying to park her late husband's truck. 
The truck went clear through, jumping a curb but luckily no one was hurt. 

"I think it's terrible but I feel sorry for the lady that ran into the building," said resident Lois Erikson. 

For now the inside of the post office is closed to all customers. Officials say the lobby and all of it's post office boxes were destroyed in the crash. 

"Well it's just hit me at a time when it's not convenient but that's the way life goes,you've got to roll with the punches," said Clemens. 

Around the corner, they've set up this temporary mobile retail unit to help customers. Employees are going inside the building to get and deliver mail themselves and they're even taking packages for delivery too, but everything has to be done by hand so you may need patience to come through this drive -through. 

"My son- in- law is in the Air Force and they're stationed in England and I've got to get this to my daughter as quickly as possible so I'm going to have to go to South Pittsburg to do it," said Clemens. 

Despite the challenges , many customers say they're thankful for all the hard work to keep things going. 

"They're doing the very best they can this is not easy for them either," said Clemens " I've worked with people for too many years and it's hard when everybody is coming in and griping at you." 

Officials say because the loading dock near the back of the building was not damaged, all carrier trucks that make street pick-up and delivery orders are not affected. Right now, it's unclear when the repairs will be made or how long they will take. 

PREVIOUS STORY: A United States Post office in closed Monday due to a vehicle crashing through the post office in Jasper. 

According to Marion Sheriff Department there were no injuries in the crash with the post office located on Main Street in Jasper. 

Officials are still investigating to see how it happened. According to Marion County Messenger, the crash occurred around 12:30 central and the vehicle crashed through the front doors of the post office. 

The post office is currently closed and there is no set time when it will reopen.