Is the biscuit the signature dish of Chattanooga? We started a border battle to find out.     

Bluegrass Grill in the Southside neighborhood is the best place for biscuits in the state of Tennessee, according to a recent poll.

Many of the top picks were located in Chattanooga, suggesting a culinary movement.

Joan Marie Worsham, owner-operator of the Bluegrass Grill said "The food scene here in Chattanooga is incredible because there are so many owner-run restaurants. So there is an integrity of hands-on standards of every dish that comes out."

At the restaurant, they use a half-wheat, half-white flour mix with buttermilk.

We had to ask Worsham -- if there was a biscuit border battle between Tennessee and Georgia -- who would rise to the top?

"I have to say Tennessee," Worsham said. "I'm sure there are some good restaurants in Georgia that put out a biscuit and they'd call me on it."

We headed south to see what the biscuit scene in the Peach State looked like. At the Big Biscuit Barn right on US 27,  love and buttermilk are the secret ingredients.

Phyllis Cabe said "We put love in our biscuit. We know that this biscuit is going to somebody. This biscuit is special to me."

Georgia gives Tennessee a run for the best biscuit with help from a divine power.

"Outside on the sign it says praise the Lord and I do because he helps me make these biscuits."