The parking problem at Sunset Rock continues to be a concern. The popular spot on Lookout Mountain has just nine parking spaces and is surrounded by area homes. At times, both sides of the street are lined with cars, parked illegally.

Neighbors said they've seen an influx of tourist to Sunset Rock within the last two years. They also said sometimes there are so many cars parked on their street it is impossible to come or go.

There isn't a shortage of ‘No Parking’ signs throughout some Lookout Mountain neighborhoods. But that doesn't stop visitors from parking their cars anywhere to enjoy the view. “We've had issues before with tourist buses stopping places and we are not able to get out of our house,” said homeowner Clif White.

On a clear sunny day the side streets become clogged with cars whose drivers can't find a space. Visitors can only park in the lot at Sunset Rock, which has fewer than ten spaces. An inconvenience for visitors hoping to catch the sunset. “Like a mile down the road. Some people just pull off. Lot of people parking in driveways because this was just full packed,” said John Lodwesk who visits from Nashville often.

The town hired a parking enforcement officer, who will be responsible to tell drivers where to park. The officer will also monitor parking meters at Point Park and the Incline. “I do think it would be nice for visitors to have some sort of direction. Like I said, if I am out in my yard I get stopped all the time and asked how to get places,” said White.

Neighbors agree they enjoy the tourist coming to visit their community. “Its part of what makes Lookout, Lookout.” But said something needs to change. “It is frustrating when someone is blocking your way and you can't go out and get ahold of them to move their car. You might get stuck in your driveway and that is a pain.”

The officer on the mountain does not solve the parking space problem. Visitors hope the town will come up with a solution so everyone can enjoy Sunset Rock.