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Budget cuts could impact programs that help low-income families

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President Donald Trump has unveiled his more than $1 trillion budget plan and some local programs could suffer because of his proposed cuts with a trickle down effect.

The Chattanooga Area Food Bank helps thousands of people each week and serves approximately 20 counties in Tennessee and Georgia. The agency relies on donations, grants and corporate sponsorships to stay open.

“We care a lot about the people we serve,” said Scott Bruce, Director of Marketing and Communication.

Bruce told Channel 3, there is concern about President Trump’s budget proposal which could hurt Tennesseans who depend on food banks to feed their families.   

The budget would cut funds for a long list of programs that help people including low-income heating assistance, USDA food and rural water funding, and the food stamp program known as SNAP could be impacted, too.

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“It's one of the main things that pushes people to come to need food assistance if they can't pay for utilities and other things,” said Laura Kilpatrick, Director of Agency and Government Relations.  

“Looking toward the future that means we're going to have to find ways to find more food and step up and just basically absorb some of the things they could be losing,” said Bruce.

Bruce says it’s a ripple effect and one that could have a devastating impact on struggling families.

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