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Federal judge blocks President Trump's new travel ban

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There’s been another setback for President Trump’s proposed travel ban.

Two federal judges have now ruled against it.

The proposed ban would have temporarily prevented people in parts of the Muslim world from entering the United States, leaving some people in the Tennessee Valley concerned about how it would affect them and their loved ones.

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President Trump has said the policy is critical for national security.

During his rally Wednesday night in Nashville, President Trump said he’s prepared to take the fight all the way to the Supreme Court. 

“We’re going to win. We’re going to keep our citizens safe,” President Trump told his supporters.

President Trump has proposed two separate travel bans.  The most recent one targets six Muslim majority countries.

"They basically said what we all know is true, you can't have a law that's designed to disadvantage somebody on the basis of religion,” said immigration attorney Martin Lester.

Lester told Channel 3 there’s a lot of confusion and fear among his clients.

He said the next logical step for President Trump is an appeal.

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“These orders are just the first step in the process. They are temporary orders. These judges will consider later on to decide if the order should be made permanent. The president could then appeal,” Lester told Channel 3.

President Trump has said he might issue the original version of the order again and he described the newer proposed travel ban a “watered down version of the first one.”

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