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Train blasts waiting commuters with snow

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Photo by Craig Oleszewski Photo by Craig Oleszewski

(NBC New York) - Amtrak commuters waiting to get to Penn Station from Rhinecliff Wednesday morning likely never imagined just how huge a wave of snow an approaching train could kick up. 

But in a video posted online Wednesday, it was obvious the avalanche was coming. 

The giant snow shower covered commuters standing on the Rhinecliff station platform Wednesday morning. The man who shot the video above, Craig Oleszewski, told NBC New York's News 4 it appeared the train overshot the platform by a bit. 

Another witness said some people were knocked to the ground.

Videos of the snowy onslaught made rounds on social media as commuters at Penn Station weighed in. 

"I would have ran! I would have ran immediately," said Jesse Lewis of Elizabeth, New Jersey. 

Jesse Lewis questioned the speed of the train as it approached the mound of snow in front of the platform. 

"He looks like he's approaching that station too fast for the conditions," said Lewis. 

While News 4 reached out to Amtrak for comment, railroad expert Gus Ubaldi says the train appeared to be going at regular speed in order to clear the snow off the track.

Ubaldi told News 4 over the phone he believes commuters shouldn't have been allowed to stand so close to the tracks, much less record video.

"The railroad should know what happens. At least make some sort of announcement," he said. 

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