New England winters can be difficult to weather outside, especially for molting chickens.
Thanks to a group of women at a Massachusetts Retirement Home, they’ve come up with a solution – knitted sweaters.

Now the chickens proudly strut around wearing their handmade sweaters.
The ladies teamed up with a local non-profit after its director asked the retirees to help with the project.  The chickens are Serama, a variety that’s native to Malaysia, where it’s quite a bit warmer than chilly New England.
Nancy Kearns, who knits the sweaters, says “We do have a little more time now that we’re retired and we use our talents, I guess, in whatever ways they can be used and makes us happy ‘cause we don’t wanna be, you know just sitting in our rocking chairs. We have work to do.”
For one woman, the task of knitting chicken sweaters helped her overcome her fear of birds.
The sweaters come in different sizes, colors and patterns. The knitters even confess that it is very calming for them to knit for their feathered friends.