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What The Tech? Facebook Messenger Snaps

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Try as I might and I just haven't been able to 'get' Snapchat. The most popular social networking app for teenagers and millennials hasn't been embraced by the Facebook crowd so I barely have any friends on Snapchat and the few that are there rarely take and share selfies. I do want to have fun with filters and messages but it's awkward to take photos of myself and send them to people I don't know very well. 

Facebook apparently believes many of its users would enjoy Snapchat so it's copying one of the more popular Snapchat features, Snapchat Stories. 

Here's how Messenger Day works: 

A Facebook user opens Messenger and snaps a photo. This adds the message as an event of sorts. You can dress up the photo with effects, words, drawings, artwork and arrange them on the screen with the photo or video.

Once that's done the user selects friends or groups of friends to share the Messenger Day. It will then show up as a pushed notification in the Messenger app and will stay pinned to the top for up to 24 hours. Once a friend receives the message they can reply back with a worded response, add notes to the photo or reply with their own selfie. Anyone in the group will then be able to see and respond to all of the other messages from friends. 

It's almost exactly like Snapchat Stories. 

I sent out my first Messenger Day to a small group of friends asking if anyone wanted to get coffee. Cristi Matthews who's daughter is the best friend of my daughter, met me at the coffee shop. She told me she has Snapchat but only uses it to see messages and that she's never "posted a selfie". After seeing the Messenger Day selfie message she says she might like the new feature. 

"I use messenger all the time and yeah, i think it'll be kind of good to have some kind of picture or something you can send that would be funny. Like the one you sent me today. I wasn't expecting it and when I got it I chuckled...that's so cool," she said. 

Why would Facebook make such a drastic change to the Messenger app with over 1 billion users? Why copy Snapchat?

It's another way Facebook can monetize the features and products we use every day. There is no revenue stream for Messenger at this point but by adding the Messenger Day stories it's possible for Facebook to begin selling advertising for 'sponsored messages' to companies. 

It may still take some time for those 40+ Facebook users to embrace taking and sending selfies to a group of people. It still feels a little awkward to me and many other Facebook users.

To see the latest Messenger app features you'll need to make sure you've updated the app.

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