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Wintry blast blankets the Tennessee Valley

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Many of residents in the Tennessee Valley woke up Sunday in a winter wonderland. While it made for some nice scenery; it caused some problems on the roads.

Powdery white snow drifted through the region in the early morning hours. Mountains and lawns were covered and so were the roads.

TDOT and Chattanooga Public Works spent the last 24 hours brining major streets and interstates to get ahead of the storm.

Overnight, officials said there were no major incidents on the road, but some drivers still erred on the side of caution through the mountains.

"The roads are slick, I mean you have signs call over saying 'caution ice and snow, so drive carefully,' I’m able to manage the road but there's a lot of cars that went off the road because there's tire tracks in ditches,” said Driver Kim Nyberg.
Much of the snow melted immediately, but a cold blast moved through the area causing some of that to freeze over. That is why officials say they focused treatment on bridges and over passes.

TDOT said they have more than 250,000 tons of salt and two million gallons of brine on standby across the state for days like this. 

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