The nice weather is behind us for a few days and snow is on the way this weekend.

Many are concerned about their gardens surviving the cold snap that’s expected in the Tennessee Valley.

A lot of folks are taking their questions to the experts in the nursery at Elder’s Ace Hardware on Highway 58 in Chattanooga.

Employees have been busy answering questions about what to do if you’ve already planted flowers and gardens. Despite warning people against it, some folks were eager to plant in February and March because it was so warm. They’re now worried they’ve wasted time and money.

If you can’t bring your plants inside, the best thing to do is to cover them up and do so using sheets instead of plastic.

While it will likely snow on Sunday morning, WRCB-TV Chief Meteorologist Paul Barys says it won’t be anything like the blizzard on March 13, 1993.

“Not even close. This is going to be a very wet snow, maybe a couple of inches. The higher elevations and the north have a better chance. This is going to be in and out pretty fast," said Barys.

Still, the weather could have an impact on your hard work if you planted vegetation early this year.

"March and April are very unpredictable. It's going to be a freeze probably this month or next month so I'm going to wait four or five more weeks before I plant. I've already turned my ground so I'm ready,” said customer Tony Leak.

Experts say the best advice is to wait to plant anything outdoors until after April 15.

Elder’s Ace Hardware also has a good supply of sleds available.

The store had put them in storage because no one was buying them this winter.

They’re now back on the sales floor in anticipation of snow.