Thunderstorms rocked the Tennessee Valley and some communities in Marion County spent Friday cleaning up.

The wind was so strong in Orme, it ripped a tree up from it's roots and threw on top of a home. 

Most of the damage from the overnight storms seem to be concentrated in Jasper around 2nd and 3rd streets. 

One home took the brunt of the damage when several large trees fell on top of it. 

The woman who lives inside told Channel 3 she heard it all happen around 2:00 Friday morning. 

She is okay but her wheelchair ramp and her dog pen are damaged around the back of her home. 

A couple houses away, wind ripped a carport out of the ground and tossed it into a porch. 

The woman who lives inside tells Channel 3 her truck wasn't damaged. 

A block away, part of a tree missed another home by a couple of feet. 

Crews spent Friday clearing roads so cars could get through. 

There have not been any reports of injuries.