The Chattanooga City Council has two new members, following election day on March 7.

District four's new councilman is Darrin Ledford, who ran unopposed for the seat vacated by mayoral candidate Larry Grohn.

In the race for district eight, Anthony Byrd upset incumbent Moses Freeman, beating him with 54% of the vote.

Freeman, so far, is the only incumbent on the council to lose his seat on election night.

Runoff elections will be held for districts seven and nine, since incumbents Chris Anderson and Yusuf Hakeem did not receive 50% of the total vote plus one.

Anderson will face Erskine Oglesby in the runoff election in district seven.

Hakeem will face Demetrus Coonrod in the runoff election for district nine.

In district one, Chip Henderson kept his seat with 67% of the vote. District two councilman Jerry Mitchell defeated opponent Mickey McCamish with 66% of the vote. Councilman Russell Gilbert retained his seat with 59% of the vote.

In districts three and six, councilman Ken Smith and councilwoman Carol Berz ran unopposed.

The runoff elections will be held on April 11.

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