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The race for city mayor; candidates talk to Channel 3

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It will be a four-person race for mayor of the City of Chattanooga. Election day is Tuesday and only about 17 percent of registered voters are expected to cast their votes.         

Four men are running for the city mayor seat. Incumbent Mayor Andy Berke faces three challengers; former city council member Larry Grohn, former city council member David Crockett and architectural consultant Chris Long.

Channel 3 asked the four candidates if they were elected mayor what are the top three things they would do for the city. Their answers ranged from education, jobs, and infrastructure. But, they all agreed on one thing: ending the violence in Chattanooga.

Andy Berke has served as Mayor of Chattanooga for the last four years. He wants to bring more jobs and job training to the city. “Now we need to make sure people have the skills they need. More employment center in the neighborhoods at recreational centers as places people can learn about manufacturing or how to start their own business,” said Berke.

Larry Grohn has served on the city council since 2013 and represents District 4. He wants to create a task force to bring affordable housing to the Scenic City. “We are in desperate need of revitalization and affordable housing for families. Talk we created all this affordable housing downtown, but 80 percent is one bedroom or market rate housing,” said Grohn.

David Crockett served on the city council in the 90's and ran for mayor in 2001. He wants to see another Chattanooga renaissance, reducing crime, and enhancing neighborhoods. He also wants a high-speed train that will connect Chattanooga to Atlanta. “If I get those three things done, we will have communities that are safe, clean, and green. And along the way create the 300 miles per hour connection,” said Crockett.

Chris Long hopes to bring a fresh face to politics in Chattanooga. He wants to curb violence, add jobs, and help with economic development in areas other than downtown. “I want opportunity for everybody. I want an even playing field for everybody because 60 percent of Chattanooga was left behind. I want to bring industry, jobs, because if we do not have that company's won’t come in here,” said Long.

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Other races include city council seats.

Polls open Tuesday at 8 a.m. and close at 7 p.m.

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