Two families are dealing with heartache and are waiting to learn what led to their loved ones deaths.

The bodies of Larry Jeffries, 52, and his roommate Jeremy Walker, 27, were discovered in a home on Amber Way in Polk County on Friday morning.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is calling the case a double homicide.

Family members became concerned when they couldn’t get in touch with Jeffries and he didn’t show up for work for a couple of days.

Tammi Jeffries told Channel 3 that her brother went to the home to check on the men and discovered the bodies.

“He is heartbroken. He has cried non-stop and we've all tried to gather together to help him. He's the one who found them so that has to be the worst feeling," Jeffries told Channel 3.

She says another bad feeling is not knowing who killed her uncle and his roommate or why.

“He's a great guy. I mean who would want to do this? That's what I really want to know,” said Jeffries.

When police responded to the 911 call there was an SUV missing from the home.

Jeffries told Channel 3 the vehicle belonged to her uncle.

A Bradley County Sheriff’s Deputy spotted the car at a truck stop nearly 30 miles away from where the bodies were found.

"It had been backed into a parking space and so as the deputy was on his regular patrol he saw the car, same color and same make. It was the actual vehicle,” said Bradley County Sheriff’s Office Spokesperson James Bradford.

Investigators spent a few hours collecting evidence from inside the SUV.

The two families are now left with questions about their loved ones deaths and they hope new clues will bring them answers.

“It's heartbreaking.  I'm devastated, I’m sad and I just really want justice,” said Jeffries.

Investigators have not revealed a possible motive or details about who they may be looking for in connection with the double homicide.

The families are waiting on autopsies before they make funeral arrangements for the two men.