The Chattanooga Marathon wraps up after an eventful weekend. 

An estimate of about 3,000 runners braved their way through the heart of the city for this year's Chattanooga Marathon. 

"I didn't expect there to be that many. When I saw them all in the blocks it was crazy, like it was like a wave of people," said spectator, Jake Sanders. 

Between Sunday's team relay, half marathon (13.1 miles) and full marathon (26.2 miles), the sea of competitors made their way from Riverfront Parkway to Willow Street, and from Riverview to St. Elmo.

This year the USA Track and Field course certifier laid out the course himself to make sure the distances were accurate, after last year's 26.2 mile marathon was cut short. 

But that didn't stop competitors from enjoying the course, with an exception to the hills that came with it.  

"This marathon is tough. It's got a lot of hills in it but it's a really nice course. It's pretty. It goes through all the cool neighborhoods; love it," said half-marathon competitor, Stewart Williams. 

But for Megan Burke, another half-marathon competitor, the hills were bearable. 

"Great energy. the weather was perfect. the hills weren't too bad. Overall it was a great race I thought," said Burke. 

As runners raced their way to the finish line, some admitted it's the fans that made each stride worth it. 

"You're really digging deep to finish and having them cheer for you it's great," said half-marathon competitor, Sue Damstetter. 

It's an experience where goals are met, and then reset for next year. 

"I just really hope that they have the motivation to achieve to get their goals set. It such a beautiful thing to achieve your dream and that's what everyone out here is doing," said Sanders. 

Christian Thompson from Tennessee won the full-marathon with a time of 2:29:31, and Brenna Cervino was top female with a time of 3:25:16. 

Channel 3 reporter, Kelly McCarthy was the top female finisher in the half-marathon with an official time of 1:30:47. The top male finisher was Kevin Huwe from the Volunteer State, with a time of 1:14:51.

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