The Chattanooga Police Department will soon have new high tech tools to keep people in the city safe. 

The department unveiled its new Real Time Intelligence Center or RTIC room during a news conference on Friday.

It’s a place where investigators can monitor real time cameras, review video footage and store digital data.  The technology will allow them to see what’s happening on the streets, possibly catching crime as it’s happening.

The city is preparing to roll out a new camera system called Crime Eye.

They’ll set up 15 cameras in areas that have seen the most violent crimes in the past three years.

The cameras will be boldly marked and placed on power poles.

If investigators notice crime shifting to another part of the city, the cameras are mobile and can be easily moved.

"An analysis will be done on a continual basis to find out where crime is happening in our city.  When that occurs and crime shifts somewhere else then we are going to also be flexible enough to meet the needs of that community as well,” said Lt. John Chambers with the Chattanooga Police Department.

Many people living in East Chattanooga, where some of the cameras will be placed, think the system is a good idea.

“I worry about the safety of people here. I don’t really feel safe but those cameras would help,” said Jacqueline Davis.

The police department plans to roll out the cameras in the next couple of weeks.

The goal is to have all 15 installed by the end of May.

The system will cost $137,000 dollars and if it improves safety the department says it will consider buying more cameras.