Soon, Chattanoogans will have new ways to get around on the city's bicycle share program.

Bike Chattanooga transit system is getting an upgrade. Over the last five years Bike Chattanooga has added 331 bikes to their fleet and this month they'll add a few more.

Ben Taylor the ‎Assistant Transportation Engineer with the City of Chattanooga said the their goal is to provide transportation on two wheels to all.

"Our existing bikes are kind of a large bike that are for larger folks. This is a new bike that maybe people with smaller frames will ride and we just want have varieties out there for everyone to have a bike that fits them best,” said Taylor.

The city purchased new ‘FIT bikes,’ they are equipped with new specs that include germ-repelling handles, better mobility and the biggest difference is the smaller frame.

"Systems across the nation, they are seeing different size riders and the company that makes the bikes are experimenting with new models and Chattanooga wanted to be sure to have what's out there on the market so we made sure to bring them to Chattanooga,” Taylor said.
The ride-sharing program has grown since 2012, they now have 37 docking stations across the Scenic City.

The old models cost about $1,000 per bike, Taylor said the new FIT bikes are cheaper and if there's high interest in them, the city will buy more.

The release date of the new FIT bikes is a secret but Taylor said the new model will be released sometime this month.

This weekend, the City of Chattanooga will have the new bikes on display during the Chattanooga Marathon expo for the next three days.