(KSNV/NBC News)  A Nevada Highway Patrol trooper's dashcam captured an amazing coincidence of timing during a recent crash.

Nevada Highway Patrol Trooper Travis Smaka had pulled over a driver for speeding.

"You guys have anything to drink tonight?" Smaka asks the driver.  As the driver answers, squealing brakes can be heard.

Trooper Smaka and the driver are then pelted with beer bottles and cans.

"Well, over 1,000 pounds of beer shattering and a tidal wave of beer coming at me," Smaka says.

A truck driver had lost control of his beer rig, spilling his load. 

When you watch the video, it is a little amusing but at the same time, sends a serious reminder of what happens on the freeway when people do cut in front of semis," said Trooper Jason Buratczuk.

"Tailgating, unsafe lane changes," explained Buratczuk.

An 18-wheeler is about 80,000 pounds rolling down the road.

"They're so heavy. They're so large. They take so long to stop," said Buratczuk.

Troopers will be on the lookout and handing out tickets to avoid another big party foul on the highway.

"That was one of the funny things I was thinking about afterwards. I just picked up my uniform at the dry cleaners and then I was soaked head to toe in beer!" said Smaka.

It turns out the driver pulled over in the dash cam video wasn't drunk.

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