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Severe weather leaves trail of damage throughout Tennessee Valley

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A Chattanooga family will have to find another place to sleep Wednesday evening after strong winds blew a tree right onto their house. Dozens of trees were snapped or ripped from the ground even a few buildings were damaged. The family said they're lucky because no one was inside the room when the tree fell.

Severe weather left a trail of damage throughout the Tennessee Valley. Downed trees and power lines block area roadways. Damaging winds moved through the area, pushing all things out of its way. “You couldn't see two feet in front of you. It was straight sleet, hail, and rain. It was bad,” said Hunter Wilson.

Chattanooga police were busy responding to the hardest hit areas. Hunter Wilson was outside watching the storm roll in when he heard a crash. “My parents were yelling and I said what is going on. They said turn around and look at your neighbor’s house. There was a tree on it.”

“You could hear the glass breaking and maybe three or four seconds it was over,” said Bill Johnston the homeowner. The Johnston family has been living in Chattanooga for only a month. They were preparing to take shelter when the storm hit. “With a little hesitation we were sitting there deciding what to do. That is when all heck broke loose.”

This massive oak tree crashed through their roof, snapping timbers throughout their yard. “Always worried about the big trees. When you got big trees you got problems, sooner or later.”

Debris covered much of their front yard. Within hours, a tree company came by for cleanup. But the insurance company told them they should make plans to stay somewhere else Wednesday night. “We survived. Nobody got hurt. It is just a matter of cleaning up and replacing it.”

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