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Report: Tennessee rising in political stature

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NASHVILLE (News Sentinel) -

Tennessee has advanced in national political clout this year more than any other state has in the past decade, according an assessment by Roll Call, a Washington newspaper devoted to coverage of the U.S. Congress.

The Congressional Quarterly publication does an annual “political clout index,” that it says provides “a quantifiable measurement of every state’s potential for power at the start of each new Congress.” Two years ago, Tennessee was ranked 14th in political clout, “unremarkable because that (ranking) is closely in line with its ranking as the 16th most populous state,” the report says, and six years ago it was No. 27, indicating “the 11-member delegation (two senators and nine representatives) was punching well below its weight.”

But this year, Tennessee has risen to No. 9 in the rating of political clout, entering the top 10 with far more populous states such as California (No. 1), Texas (No. 2) and Florida (No. 3) and ahead of neighboring states such as North Carolina, Georgia and Kentucky.

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